Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It's been so long since i last blogged! 3mths! Woots. I wonder who still reads my blog? Who who?? Oh I know ah leng biao jie does! :p

Anyway updates! Otherwise pple will only know me through my fb photos ah.. & vice versa.. coz usually when i don't blog, i'll seldom go read other ppl's blogs too.. -_-"

Kz it's my fav mth of the year again! & we are going Botanic Gardens!! On my birthday!! Haha.. & nope my bdae is not the main agenda. It's a cg OUTREACH! Woohoo~

& Oct is Andy's mummy's bdae as well... 3 Oct! So we took her & the family out for a simple meal @ Dian Xiao Er last Sat. His parents like. *yea score points!* :)

& this is Yin Liang (Alex) lazing around before we went for lunch... totally unglam but i don't care wahaha.

& his sweet Yanru :)

Oh & i received my very 1st bdae present today! From Mr Daddies!

I was so pleasantly surprised by his sweet gesture. He actually called me up this afternoon asking me about my wrist size, & when i got back home, there it was, a nice purple package lying on my pillow bed, from Chip Lee Jewellery! With a big wide smile, he told me it was a simple present for my birthday as well as for my engagement. *aww* & he was so excited to see my reaction that he quickly asked me to open it up over dinner.

But alas, it was something not very suitable for me.. a GOLD bracelet! Heh mum likes it though, but pity not me. In the end he said it's ok, that i can go back & change for something else with a similar value.. which he is totally cool about, though abit disappointed our tastes don't sychronize.. haha.

So instantly i thought: Wedding Bands! It would be nice if i can exchange this for our wedding bands! 1stly, we can save on spending on our bands, & 2ndly, i don't have to struggle over the fact that im wearing a bracelet that's so costly! Psst I haven't reached that stage to truly appreciate exquisite jewellery (except prob my bling bling rock :p)

Alrights let's discuss with Mr Andy & sees what he says 1st. Coz honestly it's wayyyyy too early talking about wedding bands too laz..

Still, thank you Lao Ba!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I like one of my friend's MSN nick. Totally said it.

"Don't be afraid if you see an opportunity to go and give it a shot. You can finish school later, it's always there."

God I want opportunities! Or wisdom to create them!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chill out session with church chums @ TCC. Zariel brought a friend so we took turns to introduce ourselves around the table.

So it started..

"Sales Engineer.." one said.

Another proudly, "i am multi-faceted leh. you can call me an engineer, an artist, a designer, a photographer....(blah blah)" and we interrupted him from further boosting his ego. :P

Then it was Andy's turn:

"Regular. I'm a regular."

The friend seated at the other far end of the table lunged forward to catch what he had just said.

Then came a cheeky voice.

"Oh I'm a Small." Kayboon said.


And of coz we all started burst out laughing one after another.....

"I'm a Grande!" Someone at the background exolaimed... "Me medium~ hahaha.."

So my dear, next time just say "I'm a Naval Engineering Officer" lah... thou more words, it'll save u from much needed further explanation!

Haha... Silly pplz. :)

Do Not Judge

Matthew 7:1-5

“Judge not, that you be not judged.

For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.

And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?

Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye?

Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye."

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Out of boredom, i scrolled down my "Blog Archives". A really random ONE click, and it got me back to June 2006 ...

Memories memories~

Monday, July 13, 2009

There are really not many around who will truly delight in the success of others.

The way we were being brought up? The typical Singaporean's 'kiasu' culture that stiffen people's hearts? Ultra competitive. Can't lose out. So much so they can't wait to see other people falls and then they start smiling to themselves in the dark.

Fake superiority. Yucks.
Sometimes i wondered where did things go wrong/what have i done wrong? How seemingly close friendships in the past have dissolved to nothing.. Have i not put in enough efforts? Do i really heck care?

I got tired, and given up my tries very much long ago, of salvaging, of asking to meet up, of organizing a gathering.. Chose to refocus on things that matter more, on people who are willing to nurture our friendships, on new grounds, on God.

Listening to A.R Bernard's preaching last Sat seemed to awaken a certain part of me. God is the one & only i find my security & meaning in. I will let loose my holds on things that i have held dear to in the past, and let you take control of all of me. I will look up to you, hold on to you, and i know i will be complete & satisfied just with you alone.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finally! I'd a taste of how "driving" a golf ball out to the field felt like, & as *toot* as it sounds, also understood accurately what "Driving Range" means.. *hahaha*

So here are the pics. :)

Tip on playing good golf..
1) Position yrself..

2) Needless to say, hit the ball. & take a looooooong look at it.

3) Finally, discuss with yr peer what went wrong/right!

Haha wrong footing!

Kz i know i look really noob. =p

Nice. :)

Serious talk!

Haha. :)

I like!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Have you ever wonder where one's ability in earning the S sign and 2 strokes come from?

With due respect to smarties or scholars who became high fliers in industries of their expertise/arena after years of education. I admire that after all their mugging of school work and massive splurges on traditional education, their earning abilities can reach to about 2 -5 times higher than a normal graduate.

But i am impressed and far more curious of people whom of the same age as us, earning 10 or 20 times higher, and to stretch it further, have a much lower education than me. No kidding. Really 10 times higher than my monthly paid salary now.

These people seem to have endless creativity power within themselves to create wealth. & more than just creativity, they have that 天不怕,地不怕, never-say-die attitude that we often seen lacking ESPECIALLY in a typical Singaporean. Or if they don't know something, they make sure they go out there and get that information, or make a friend whom can teach them.

Recently i heard about a friend's friend who is a big lavish spender. When i first heard about him, i don't have a good impression learning how he splurges money like water. But i caught something else later. The reason WHY he can spent money in such a way is because he HAS that capability to EARN that money in the first place.

He wasn't born with a silver spoon, & yet using his own means, can earn that sort of money that support his lavish lifestyle. He is constantly thinking of how to earn more money so that he can spend more (sounds kind of extreme). Basically, his brain works like his very own asset, to support liabilities that he loves to have. He definitely has something we all can learn from..

An agent once told me - There are only 2 ways to be rich. Either 1) maximize your earnings or 2) be defensive over your spending. Sadly most of us try our best to be 2), but yet we still can't really call ourselves rich/financially free (to do the things we love/dream to do).

That friend's friend has proven to be absolutely 1), which again sadly most of us can't seem to attain it. That's why we live a mediocre life. And we start to persuade ourselves to be 'contented' with the present, coz that makes us feel better. But often, that's self denial.

I believe what Pastor said. That we are meant to live in abundance, not in lack. When we are blessed, than we can then start to bless others as well. We can't give others what we don't have. If i wish to me a missionary for example, i must have lots of money first that can support my trips and works so that i do not have to pathetically depend on others through funds-raising, right?

There's a saying that says.... the more you study, the 'squarer' you will think. Graduates are often scorned at how we can't think out-of-the-box, or provide clever solutions to problems. Wells... haha i hate to admit, but there are indeed some truths in it. And i shall continue more another day....... it's 11:51pm now, and my eyes & fingers are failing me.... *yawn* Nitez!
I always have really random thoughts on train... Sometimes i can't wait to blog about it. But whenever i reached home, i often lost that interest to type it out. So today, I'll try. :)

Just now while on my way home, i was looking at myself through the reflection on the glass panel. Realized i have small features. Small eyes, small nose, small mouth & small ears! Except i have a fleshy face. Then i began to thank God for how i look! Yea i know it's super random. But can't help it. & i started to imagine if my face is slimmer, i think i'll look really pretty! HAHAHA. True feelings. So THANK GOD!!!

Antz's words "my jo so cute!" ringing in my ears..

Oooo no wonder! He often say i am cute la.. i look cute la.. etc. Which i always can't seem to comprehend which part of me is cute?!?

After today, i am beginning to understand a little. Thank you Lord, Papa & Mama, for how i look! :p